Military And Strategic Theory And Strategy Essay

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“We don’t have a strategy against Daesh!” “Yes we do, you can google ‘US counter-ISIL strategy’ to find it.” “Have you read that? It is not helpful in terms of destroying Daesh, which is supposedly our objective!”
“Well I think we are trying to use the minimum force required in order to minimize political risk. The administration also sees a large US ground force back in South West Asia as counterproductive.” “You can’t destroy or take territory from ISIL without a competent ground force. Currently the only options are the Kurds, who are angering the Turks, or the Shiite militias controlled by Iran. Also, think about the weakness this is communicating to China and Russia!”
The fictional conversation above is laced with elements of and assumptions based on military and strategic theory, even though the participants may not be consciously thinking in those terms. Military theory and strategy are overlapping yet unique concepts relevant to the strategist, the military professional, the policy maker, and arguably any involved citizen in a democratic republic. The extent of this overlap can blur attempts to conduct forensic investigations of foundational logic for either a theory of war or strategy. As such, belief in the soundness of a military theory can influence strategy development, while belief in the success of a past strategy may color evaluation of various military theories. Sound understanding of military and strategic theory is important to…

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