Milgram 's Experiments Created Great Controversy Essay

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Milgram’s experiments created great controversy. They showed how vulnerable humans were to the will bending power of authority. This idea especially stuck around the time the experiment took place, the early 1960’s. America was still somewhat fresh off of World War II, and Americans were shocked to see that they were just as capable of being pushed to do things that went against their morals as Germans were under Nazi authorities. Milgram was thorough in his studies by including multiple permutations of the original where he tested subjects responses to different forms of authority. Extending beyond Milgram’s findings to those such as The Stanford Prison Experiment and the Asch Conformity experiment, we learn that the responses to authority expand outside of his original experiment and provides more examples of how a human’s will power can be trumped by the influence of authority figures and peers. It becomes clear that authority and peers have great influence on a human’s actions when reviewing Milgram 's original experiment, the permutations that followed, and experiments not run by Milgram. In the most basic level of the experiment, a surprising sixty-five percent of participants allowed the experimenter to push them to a full 450 volt shock to the learner. This proved that even those claiming to have strong morals were easily pressured into committing acts they would not chose to do without influence. Many of the subjects stated that they were well aware that…

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