Miley Cyrus Crash Reaction Paper

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The substances found on the victims of the crash can be easily identified through simple math. You start by taking the percent values of each element found in the substance and changing it to grams, where one percent equals one gram, so that each element is out of one hundred grams. After finding the grams, you find out the moles of each element by multiplying the gram amounts by the conversion factor, which is 1 mol over the molar mass of the element you are dealing with, 12.01 grams for carbon, 1.01 grams for hydrogen, 14.01 grams for nitrogen, and 16 grams for oxygen. The resulting number is the number of moles of each element. You then take the smallest mole amount and dividing all of the mole amounts by that number to find out the number of atoms of each element in the empirical formula. An empirical formula is the smallest formula where the subscripts are whole numbers. To find the molecular formula, you must multiply the empirical formula by a conversion factor. You find …show more content…
Strychnine was found on both the victim and the killer, though in different places. The poison was found in the pockets of Selena Gomez, and in the blood of Miley Cyrus. This supports the idea that Selena Gomez murdered Miley Cyrus, because though the substance was found on both of their bodies, it was only found ingested by Miley Cyrus, where it was found in her blood. Another thing linking the murder to Gomez is the ongoing feud as well as incriminating texts Gomez sent to her friend, Demi Lovato. An ongoing feud between the two stars resulting from a mocking video created by Cyrus is a motive for Gomez to have commited the murder. The mentioned text sent to Lovato read ¨I h8 this grl. Its about 2 b over,¨ an obvious threat to the life of Cyrus, which Gomez carried out by poisoning her with strychnine. The combined evidence points without a doubt to Gomez being the

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