Miley's Case Study

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The daily life interaction between the father and Miley reflects a negative or low picture of Miley’s worth. This is what she believes about herself and what assuming that her father’s acting towards her because he is taking care of her half sister more than her “all my Dad talks about is Cheryl this, Cheryl that. . . .” . Also, it reflects that her half sister took her place and she is less than worth in her father’s eyes. That what mad Miley feels down and angry as she appeared sullen and withdrawn, which really reflect the low self-esteem. This is what Miley understand about herself through the overt message which reflected by her father’s attitude and actions as she interpreted it, and through the covert message that she identified it …show more content…
The family members will share together with the therapist specific information about appreciations and excitements, new information, hopes, and wishes. The therapist may invite Miley and her father saying, "How about to talk this session about some of appreciations and excitements, new information, hopes, and wishes". The therapist can explain simply saying, "how about to start with simple memories that happened before with you as a family, can you tell me more about it and how do you feel?" The therapist will measure temperature of the insight of each family member. The therapist may ask Miley about her wishes and hope to make her father aware of her needs and her emotions saying, "I would like to give you the chance to imagine yourself in the future, what kinds of hopes and wishes you wants to achieve?" The therapist will facilitate to each family member to share his or her experience, specific information, or appreciation memories. The therapist can make the family members start with hopes and wishes, and ends with appreciations and …show more content…
The therapist will represent the intervention by asking Miley about her opinion about how she is doing physically, spiritually, intellectually, sensually, emotionally, nutritionally, and contextually. The therapist may suggest that Miley can have a conversation about one of the topics that Miley wants talk and introduce new information. She may think about going to a nice green public park and enjoy her time over there or read or play. She may change the paint of her room to the color that she like, add a perfume to the room. She may think about having peace with her friends and go out with friends. She may have a hobby that she likes like work out, swim, paint, or playing music. The therapist can use it also as a self care plan for Miley and how she can take care of herself to feel better. The therapist can say "How you take care of yourself usually to have a quality time with yourself or others, or what usually do within your spare time?" The therapist may start saying "let us start with the word "I

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