Essay on Milestone 2 Template Poooc Matrix Cheung

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|Project: Customer Response System |Project Manager: Bill Venkman |
|Created by: Kin Cheung |Last Updated by: Kin Cheung |
|Date Created: 8/23/2014 |Date Last Updated: 8/23/2014 |

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| |information. |
| |Dissatisfied employees | |System must be secured to prevent unauthorized |
| | | |data modifications. |
|The current system does not accurately track |Cause (s): |Keep equipment information up-to-date by |Data is currently on paperwork. |
|equipment location / status, leading to |Caused my manual entry, and no existing database|integrating it into the new system. |System should import existing data from |
|unnecessary or excessive purchases of additional|system, so inquiries / reports cannot be |New system will also maintain employment status |spreadsheets as a starting point. |
|equipment. |performed to reveal equipment status. |for each employee to identify what equipment |System must be secured to prevent unauthorized |

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