Miles Davis 's Music Style Essay

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Having to grow up in the American society during a period of changes and turmoil. Miles Davis was one of the African Americans who had the courage and willingness to stand up for what was right by fighting for equality. Being a man of music, Miles used his music to show people their desire for equality through his songs. Miles Davis’s music style reflects the civil rights movement through the changes, evolution, and presentation of his music. Jazz music had a specific standard to it, Davis ignored that standard symbolizing that it was time for change and equality for all in the United States of America. By standing up for what was right and innovating his music, he was able to become a influential musician of the twentieth century and an iconic figure in jazz and music in general. Miles Davis was born to Miles Dewey Davis, Jr. and Cleota Mae Davis on May 26, 1926 in Alton, Illinois. Miles developed his appreciation and desire for music at an early age from listening to gospel music of the black church. Having grown up in a time period where African Americans were treated with prejudice; this influenced both his personality and the music he would play. At the age of 13, Davis was introduced to the trumpet by his father and developed a talent playing the instrument with the help of Elwood Buchanan, a family friend who directed a musical school. Miles Davis developed his unique style of playing because his teacher emphasized him to play the trumpet without vibrato, which…

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