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Most companies' orientation programs were designed to help new hires hit the ground running.
Trilogy's boot camp has a bigger goal: keep the company running. No Ordinary

Boot Camp by Noel M.Tichy



heard about tbem. Many of us have lived through them. In my case, I've even invented a number of them. It's fair to say that, while some achieve their goals better tban others, they're ail pretty mucb the same. They
APRIL 2001

typically focus on knowledge transferinforming new hires, for instance, about the company's products and markets and how to access key resources in the organization. The best ones, like those at
GE and Ford, do this by having the
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They also come away with deep bonds to their fellow recruits and strong ties to the organization. Those two goals - preparedness and bonding-are usually the whole focus of a boot camp, and achieving them is worth a great deal. That's why so many of the top-performing companies put their faith in such programs. In the mid1980s, I ran General Electric's Crotonville leadership development center, where 1 led the development of its Corporate Entry Leadership Conference, a three-day program in which new hires leam about GE's strategy, its culture, and a bit about themselves. "Old man
Watson" at IBM ran them, as did Ross
Perot when he founded EDS, as does
Andy Grove at Intel. And for years, the commercial banks have run their commercial-lending boot camps for college

hires. In the past decade, consulting firms and service organizations have dramatically increased their investments in boot camps for new recruits. Accoimting giant Arthur Andersen, for instance, has a 700-bed facility in St. Charles, Illinois, which runs at capacity year-round.
Many old-line industrials have also set them up because they realize that energizing new hires and engaging them in the culture is just as critical as making sure they have the technical skills to do their specific jobs.
The interesting thing about Trilogy
University is that it achieves those goals and more. Much more. It aJso

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