Mike Davis 's Planet Of Slums Essay

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Mike Davis Planet Of Slums: Final In this essay I am going to explain why Mike Davis places responsibility on the treason of state, international banks, and lending institutions for the horrific conditions in what he describes as the urban south. I will also explain why there is a vast migration from the rural villages to the megacities of the third world. As well as the ideas of thinkers like Hernando de Soto and what Davis sees as his mistaken ideas. Mike Davis offers a comprehensive study of the present urban life and shows that slums have become the essential feature of the global crisis of urban overpopulation and underemployment. According to the United Nations, "More than one billion people now live in the slums of the cities of the South.", not only it this a major concern but that number is expected to increase and for the first time the urban population of the earth will out number the rural.This massive movement to the city has not been accompanied by industrialization and development, instead there has been massive urbanization without economic growth. The earth has been rapidly urbanizing, "In 1950 there were 86 cities in the world with a population of more than one million ... by 2015 there will be at least 550"; and "For 10,000 years urban societies have struggled against deadly accumulation of their own waste."(1). Mike Davis discusses what the future of an economically unequal and unstable urban…

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