Miguel Angel Analysis

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The divinity is imagining an artist, black mind when, in an instant and from nothing, conceived a concept, a theme or a motive with which you can build all of a painting, or any other work of art. Now imagine that this master of the art is so skilled that, once it concludes its work, despite the diverse range of emotions, styles, containing, if one examines it closely, you will find a topic and the same idea.
Inspiration is just another idea emerged at the head of the artist, but it is a profound expression of the soul of the artist. In some ways, art is a better manifestation of the artist than his person, because himself is only the way that found to interact with other people, but his art, at its core, expresses the essence of his soul.
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This first reading of one of the fundamental and most recognized artworks in the world is the result of the knowledge that we have of the context in which the Renaissance took place fresco, in addition to his studies in anatomy and the representation of the book of Genesis. There are several theories that there is a symbolism hidden in the painting, specifically on the figure of God. Which would mean that Miguel Angel interpreted God not only as the giver of life, but gave the man a Supreme intelligence.
The artist is a human who perceives this essence in its creation in such a way that when a third party provides it perceives and feels the divinity the divine of what is around them, plasma. The divine is the essence of God, indeed. Humans are made in the image and likeness of God and the God who we are is manifested in two major acts, in the give love and in the create. Perhaps why art is so valued, perhaps because a true work of art we can connect with our inner divinity and because in this Act we emulate God, he is creating and so is art. It is created with the sole purpose of bringing beauty to the

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