Migration Within a Country’s Borders Have Greater Negative Impacts at Their Origin Than Their Destination

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“Migration within a country’s borders have greater negative impacts at their origin than their destination”. Discuss the statement [15 marks]

Introduction * Definition of migration and internal migration * Reasons why people move (Push/Pull Factors) * Explain Lee’s migration model * Types of Internal Migration (Inter-urban, Intra-urban, counter urbanisation, urbanisation)
* Social. Economic. Environmental. Political. (S.E.E.P.) impacts * Case Study (Statistics) * China (urbanisation) * London to St. Ives (counter urbanisation) * Negative impacts at origin * Negative impacts at destination * Recognize that there are also positive impacts
* Which one is the
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An example of urban to rural migration or counter urbanisation would also be in the UK, the migration from London to St. Ives. In St. Ives it is much more accessible to the Cambridge science parks and other services, people from London would travel to St. Ives to for work at a daily basis, as more people from London travel to St. Ives there will be much less people which will cause the urban community to decrease and this will result in unemployment which leads to social and political unrest, less overcrowding in the city and cleaner streets due to less people and there would also be less traffic therefore less accidents. But the migration has put a strain on the economy in London as there will be a depleting number of skilled workers and with a smaller urban market this will lead to less money for producers. With most of the people from London migrating to St. Ives the population size has decreased which has made the government manage the population to be much easier, and also with less people around the amount of garbage and pollution decrease.

The people travel from London to St. Ives by using commuters and a motorway (A14) located near St. Ives, as more people are travelling the commuters from both London and St. Ives will cause pollution and congestion in the motorway. As there are less people in London the tax revenue made by the

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