Migrants by Bruce Dawe Essay

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By Nahla Issa
Essay-Why Should Dawe’s poem ‘Migrants’ be included for the text for Journeys.
The poem ‘Migrants by ‘Bruce Dawe ’should be included for the core text for journeying as it portrays journeying through the perceptions and experiences of a migrant group. This poem depicts feelings of ignorance and disrespectfulness encountered by the migrant group as they are treated with a lack of concern by people living in Australia.
The poem migrants explore a physical journey of a migrant group settling in a new place, Australia. We know this because the poet quotes ‘in the fourth week the sea dropped clear away And they were there ...’ in this line it contains a metaphor, imagery and ellipses. In that line the ellipses is use to capture
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The poem makes clear that the migrants went on a rough emotional journey to be finally accepted in this new community and to be seen as the same as everyone else not ‘different’. We gradually get the idea of acceptance of the migrants from the quote ‘Children now less often came red-eyed home from school’. This quote indicates that slowly society is accepting them, so the children aren’t coming home crying as much. The effect expressed in this quote is imagery, imagine the face of a child after sobbing because they have been feeling left out and possibly bullied. Bruce Dawe purposely used imagery to make you imagine and create a sorrowful tone in the poem.

Towards the end of the poem, acceptance of the group of migrants is finally showed through the techniques and descriptive words used in various quotes. In the quote ‘neighbours bent slowly like hazel twigs…’ ,it uses a simile to evoke the idea that the neighbours slowly bent towards the migrants. The second last line of the poem sums up the final acceptance of the migrants by combining the two cultures into one, ‘both earth and water were being blent. That quote uses symbolism to demonstrate meaning, the earth is symbolising the current citizens and water is symbolising the migrants that came by boat and them being blent meaning both cultures joined into one. The last line quotes ‘pulsed up in rich wells…’, it features imagery to capture the sense of

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