Essay about Migrant Daughter : Coming Of Age As A Mexican American Woman

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Tywoniak, F. E., & García, M. T. (2000). Migrant daughter: Coming of age as a Mexican American woman. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
Francisca was born in Atoka Southeastern New Mexico, on April 2, 1931. The second child of the family first was her sister Antonia. Francisca focuses on her mother’s family side explaining her roots in New Mexico during the Great depression in 1930, her transition from New Mexico to California, and her education.
Francisca’s mother was the fifth of fourteen children. Her grandfather owned lands, where he raised sheep and some cattle as well as cotton. Which he later ended up losing his land due to outstanding amount of debts on a number of mortgages. Florinda francisca’s mother obtained some formal education but not much, due to their financial issues. Francisca talks about her mother’s family because it impacted in her life in a positive and negative way. For example, “ I was and still am very conscious of the history on my mother’s side of the family.” On the other hand her father was much more independent from his family, because he was raised by his maternal grandmother and step grandfather who treated him unequally. Her father did not attend school, instead took care of the cattle and left home at a very young age. Once he moved out of home he migrated to New Mexico where he worked building roads and met fracisca’s mother. After meeting each other they both marry and have Antonia then Francisca. Francisca’s mother suffered…

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