Essay about Migraines And Their Effects On Families

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Migraines and Their Effects on Families

When a parent, child, or spouse suffer from chronic debilitating migraines, it’s possible that the whole family can suffer. A research study has found that chronic migraine sufferers report their headaches have a huge impact on family activities, relationships, and even sexual intimacy. The following are the main types of migraines and their definitions. Chronic migraines: people who experience more than 15 migraines in a month are given this diagnosis. Classic migraine: these migraines are accompanied by an aura. Common migraine: These migraines come on suddenly, without aura.
With all studies of migraines being conducted we can say they are a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and can be accompanied by the many different symptoms. Doctors do know that migraines run in families. If you have one parent who sufferers from migraines there is a 50 percent chance of developing them. If both your parents have migraines your chances jump to about 70 percent.
Symptoms of migraines can vary from person to person, even the triggers can vary greatly. Some people get migraine with an aura, which is a sort of warning system before a migraine starts. Auras can be white or colored lights that flicker at the edge of sight, hallucinations, blind or dark spots at the edge of vision, numbness or tingling (usually in the face or hands). Some people can experience aura symptoms anywhere from ten minutes to three days…

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