Midterm Paper Personal Case Study

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Midterm Paper-Personal Case Study Everything that has happened in my life has shaped me into what I am today. There have been positive and just as many negative experiences that have happened which have changed me. All of these experiences are part of the journey of my life and there are plenty more of these experiences to come. These are just some of those experiences that have shaped me the most, so far. My whole life I’ve lived with my mom in the United States. My dad has lived in Mexico his whole life so I grew up without my father. The only father figure I had growing up was my uncle. He lived with me, my mom, and my grandma for a quite few years. I used to do everything with my uncle during the times he was free or at night. He would always go and rent movies and would tell me to watch them with him. His favorite types of movies to get would be horror movies. I would be around the age of seven or eight, and I would be watching these horror movies with my uncle late at night. Surprisingly, watching these movies didn’t scare or scar me one bit. What it did do, was make my love for movies sprout and grow. Once my uncle met his girlfriend, he eventually moved out and I felt quite lonely. One of the closest people to me, and my movie partner as well, was gone. I didn’t have someone to pick on me and to watch movies with or anything fun. I turned to movies, around this time, so I wouldn’t be so upset. Watching movies really cheered me up! That was when I grew even more…

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