Midsummer's Night Dream Theseus Character Analysis

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Theseus Character Sketch

An old proverb once said: “Killing a dragon may make a man famous, but does not make the lad a gentleman”. In the notable comedic play, Midsummer's Night Dream by Shakespeare, Theseus is portrayed as a fair and kind ruler to the citizens of Athens with a touch of romantic fervor, and is able to make healthy connections with all characters in the play. He is first seen talking about the forthcoming nuptial, giving the choice of life or death to Hermia. This choice later develops the relationships between Theseus and his subjects. Throughout the story, it is evident that Theseus is kind, generous, full of justice, and well liked by all.

Theseus is presented as a warrior that “won thy love, doing thee injuries”(19), as well as the duke of Athens. This
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Being the most powerful man in the play, he is charismatic with an aura of respect. This leads him to his fiancee, Hippolyta, who is a spoil of war. Instead of being disgusted, she looks forward to the marriage with Theseus. This type of love relationship is different than Hermia and Lysander’s, probably to show contrast between the real love of the two rulers, and the illusion caused by the flower. Theseus also is the one to trust and come to with troubles. For example, “our renowned duke”(24) is asked by Egeus to review his complication. Theseus manages to find a solution that benefits everyone, therefore building his credibility. Egeus then mentions: “With duty and desire we follow you”(132), meaning that they follow him not only because he is their duke, but also because they regard him with admiration. Also, he is in good standings with the group of lovers, because Theseus does not impose a death penalty, but instead invites them to his wedding. The way his cheerful personality affects his interactions with other characters makes him a prominent man, both respected and a suitable leader of

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