Midsummer Night 's Dream And The Tempest Essay

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In Midsummer Night 's Dream and The Tempest women are portrayed young and passed between their father 's care to their eligible husband, making them safe. However, the Hermia, from Midsummer Night 's Dream, and Miranda, from The Tempest, say they should have a say in who they wed. Both women defend themselves against their masculine counterparts and go after their real love regardless of obstacles set before them. Miranda, though presented as just a child, is not afraid to speak up on her own behalf. As well as Hermia who finds it as no challenge to go after what she sees best for herself. Both charters strive to stand for their own destinies based on their perspectives and interests.

It is important to keep in mind that in Shakespeare play 's women were not portrayed in a dominant light. In the tempest Miranda is the naivete childlike girl everyone admires, for her youth and virginity. Her father believes she should not wed whoever she pleases to. She stands up against her father to follow her own desires and wed the prince of napels, Ferdinand. Similar to Midsummer Night 's Dream, Miranda a young girl disobedient to her father 's wishes, also on who she should wed. Egeus, Hermis 's father, arranges Hermia to wed Demetrius but instead Hermia falls in love with someone else. both women are denied, by their fathers, the ability to direct their own destinies. In Midsummer Night 's Dream Egeus decides if Hermia does not marry who he sees fit she should be punished. he…

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