Midnight In Paris Mood

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From the beginning of the movie until the end, the movie, Midnight in Paris, seems to have music that complements the movie very nicely. Throughout the movie there is both source and underscoring music. Both sources set a mood expresses emotions for the audience. Most of the music that is accompanied in the film is romantic style and definitely fits very well with the plot of the movie. The music displayed in the film gives off a refreshing and relaxed vibe. The music also creates a significant mood as whole and sometimes affects the roles of the characters. The mood that the music sets up during the film changes time from time, but generally stays within a romantic theme or up beat and poppy. The soundtrack in Midnight in Paris was able to fit properly into both time …show more content…
Source music is defined as music actually played in the film not as background music, it is music that the characters hear. An example of course music is when you see characters dancing to the music as part of the scene. Gil Pender is picked up by a group of famous well known writers and is brought to a party. A pianist is playing and singing at the party as a crowd of people surround him. This source of music that is being played is portraying a romantic and poppy mood as from the title of the song is, “Let’s Fall in Love”. Another source style of music is when Gil Pender is taken to another party with the Fitzgerald's. A conga style song is played that has all the characters dancing happily. Gil Pender is shocked throughout most of the movie not realizing that he is living Paris in the 20s which the music that is played does not affect the mood of Gil Pender, but affects the mood of other characters. Most of the source music that is played in the film turns into underscoring music as the scene changes. Underscoring music is defined as music that only the audience can hear, or background

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