Essay Midnight By Paris, Gil 's Aspirations

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Every story has a purpose; the main character has a goal to reach and to do so they must go through a trial to suppress. Though it is often noticed that the character doesn’t recognize their full potential until they are on their journey. In the movie Midnight In Paris, Gil’s aspirations are shown in the beginning credits. The movies overall setting is defined but the protagonist 's goals, needs, and wishes are also presented. The movie also identifies the ideologies of the protagonist and of companionship. Overall the narrative form and ideologies of the movie Midnight In Paris. define the goals of the main character and also formulate the motif of the story. Everyone has some history in their lives that shapes the way they view certain aspects. Such events in ones life also impact the overall essence they emit. If someone connects such even with a good experience, their views are positive on the matter but if it was a negative event then one will despise any memory that relates to it. This also plays into the needs, wishes, desires, and overall goals the individual sets. The movie Midnight In Paris begins with a backstory of Paris. The first three minutes of the movie show five second shots of Paris. We basically see a day in Paris; from the bright and busy mornings, to the rainy and peaceful afternoons, and then the evenings, that display the city of lights at its best. The beginning sequence then turns into the credits in which we hear a voice-over. The voice-over is a…

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