Middleschool Madness- Pattern of Love Essay

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Middle school, as we all know, is full of surprises, rivalries, hatred and love. It is one of the tensest moments for a teenager. The three middle school students in the story “PATTERN OF LOVE” by Irwin Shaw go through these challenging moments. Writers always avoid stereotypes in their stories and do not expose the character to the readers because they think that it will be boring. But Irwin Shaw doesn’t avoid stereotype in his short stories, so that it will be more interesting. He talks about three middle school students, Katherine, Charley and Harold, who break out of their mould, and come out to be what readers don’t expect. This story begins with a pretty popular girl in a middle school, named Katherine, who breaks out of …show more content…
From this the readers come to know that he is fearful too. Unlike Charley, Harold could win the girl he likes, as he is a calm, tolerant and brave boy.

The story ends with the last and the most amazing character Harold who is known to the other students only as a geek or nerd. But in the story, Harold shows that he is honest and sincere. Harold also proves it to the readers when Katherine asked him, “Would you like to come up Thursday night and give me company?” “I would like to very much. But my mom doesn’t let me out at night,” he said. “I saw you in the library at 8pm on Wednesday,” she said and he said, “Library is different,” Then, Katherine tells him to lie to his mom and come and date her, but he refuses to do that. He also shows up in the fierce fight with Charley, who wants Katherine, knowing what he is up to. He goes through the fight calmly and shows Charley that he is unmovable. Even though his outside is all swollen, the spirit behind it is strong and firm. Harold is the most humble and respectful character in this story.

This marvelous story tells the readers how the three characters Katherine, Charley and Harold break out of their mould and come out as totally different characters. If they don’t change in the future then they would end up in a very agonized life. Katherine would end up in a very painful life and would be disorganized without knowing how to behave towards

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