Middle Schools And The Middle School Level Essay examples

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Young adolescents at the middle school level are typically between the ages of ten and fifteen. At this time in their life, it has been found that the most changes occur both emotionally and physically. Thus, middle schools need to reflect this drastic change and crucial time period in their lives. The middle school is much more than simply a transitional period from elementary school to high school. It is a separate school that should directly reflect the desires and curiosities of the student during this time period and their emotional, physical, and developmental needs.
As previously stated, young adolescents are undergoing more changes physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally at this stage in their life more than any other time. It has been found that they need time to be active as well as time to talk or collaborate with the rest of the class. This goes along with their development and social needs in the classroom. Thus, it is important that I implement time during class instruction for them to move around and do group activities. As far as emotionally, their hormones drive their emotions and may cause heightened and spontaneous responses such as anger, depression, excitement, etc. They also may struggle with their peers. During middle school, young adolescents start to focus on finding their identity, social status, and physical appearance. Thus, peer pressure and bullying is prevalent at this age. They may be peer pressured to do things they have never done…

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