Middle School Vs. High School Essay

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Middle school, high school, and college are all crucial time periods in the life of adolescents. During these sections of an adolescent’s life they are going through changes both mentality and physically, because of this the way they act in school is affected. When an adolescent enters middle school, they are usually at the beginning stages of puberty, by the time they enter college they are toward the end of the puberty cycle. So, while there are similar actions and behaviors that both different periods engage in, there are also differences in their approach to education, demeanor, and overall behavior.
Firstly, as with every change between different levels of education when you are moving on from middle school to high school, you are moving to among the oldest in your school and in a position of power that comes with that age and grade level to the youngest again. The same applies from high school to college, the difference being that people of all age groups from young adults to older adults may attend college while only those of a certain age group would attend middle school or high school. Another difference being that when you are in college you are much more mature and reverting to being the youngest doesn’t matter much to you anymore. Another trend that goes along with the transitions from middle school to high school to college is the gaining of independence not only socially but academically as well. A teacher was quoted as saying “The main difference in…

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