Middle School The Worst Years Of My Life Essay

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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Book Project

The in the novel Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, by James Patterson. This book follows a troublemaker named Rafe Kachadorian, a student who is not a big fan of his new middle school. At school, Rafe only has one friend, Leo. Leo is silent to the outside world. The only person Leo speaks to is Rafe., This is because he’s not a real person. Leo happens to be Rafe’s twin brother who passed away when they were both babies. Even though Rafe was actually too young to remember him it is as though Leo has been there his whole life through an imaginary state. In the Rafe’s first day of school his day is already difficult after finding out that there is a school bully on his
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Rafe does not like school, and living at home is not the best. It's not great with Bear around since all he does is sleep and is a nuisance in his and his sister’s life. Despite all of his bad luck there was still a silver lining.
Rafe got kicked out school where he wasn't learning or making any friends, and even got bullied by Miller. Most people would be upset that they were expelled from school, but Rafe sees this as an opportunity for change. One of his teacher’s thinks that Rafe would be better suited for an art school named Airbrook, “‘Airbrook could be a perfect environment for Rafe…. The school is a combination of visual arts and academics”’ (267). Rafe’s Mom is also able to find a silver lining when she realizes that Bear, who is her abusive boyfriend, is not a good person to be living with and is not the best influence in her life. She couldn't really see it because she works all the time she had to work harder because Bear didn't do anything so it was just an extra mouth to feed “‘Bear is not going to be living with us anymore, and hopefully that means I can afford to stop working double shifts at the diner

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