Career Essay: The Role Of A Middle School Teacher

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The modern day middle school teacher has a lot more to deal with than your elementary and high school level teachers. The middle school teacher is one who is to be an advocate of the rapidly developing eleven to thirteen year olds. These students are undergoing a profound change in their lives, and need someone outside of immediate family to be a responsible adult. Young adolescents need someone who is going to model good behavior, ethics, morals, professionalism, hard work, and responsibility. This someone is the teacher. Although some may argue that a middle school teacher only teaches, they are absolutely wrong. A teacher needs to be able to be an “all of the above” advocate of the student body. Not only is the teacher going to be the one who is going to teach the students, they are going to be the guidance of the students. Teachers are going to teach more than your basic science, math, English, and social studies, they are going to prepare the students for the rest of their life. A good teacher who can prepare an adolescent student for the rest of their life is one to be called an excellent teacher.
As an advocate of the adolescent student, the middle school teacher must realize that the development of the students that they are
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Students at this age need to be challenged in all areas of academics and life development. These students need this challenge because they are emerging adults who will soon be making decisions and working on their own. Having a challenging educational curriculum will ensure that the students will be prepared for the difficulties in academics that they will have for high school and college. Teachers and school administration must challenge students morally as well. Students are beginning to develop morals that they will carry for the rest of their lives. As student advocates we must always challenge the students to be on their best behavior and treat others with

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