Essay on Middle School Is The Worst For Me

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First thing’s first, I’m not much for talking about myself, because it makes me feel a bit narcissistic. Growing up, I was raised with three older brothers, and my parents divorced when I was only four, but it doesn’t bother me, because it’s not like I actually remember them being together. My dad had a daughter when my parents met, and my mom had two sons, so I guess I forgot to mention that two out of three of my brothers are halves, as well as my sister, but she and I don’t speak. Growing up, my youngest years have been the best of my life, and when I say younger, I mean seven and down. Middle school was the worst for me, and I’m so happy to be out of that stage. High school hasn’t been much better than middle school, though, but I’ve learned how to deal with things, and not subject myself to drama; for the most part. My youngest years were the best, because I can actually remember how close my family was, and how close my brothers and I were. We all lived in Commiskey, until I turned nine. Every other weekend, and Wednesday nights I stayed with my dad, and I was always such a daddy’s girl, but only because I couldn 't see the false promises he always made me, and how bad of a drunk he was. My family was my world at this ‘age’, and I loved being around them. We always had big family events, and even though my parents didn’t get along, they still participated in each other’s family events for us kids, because my dad stood up and was a father to my two oldest brothers,…

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