Middle School And High School Essay example

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All throughout middle school and high school, I had difficulties with grades. In middle school, the main reason was poor eye-sight that was not discovered as an issue until the end of middle school; I did not have to repeat 6th, 7th, or 8th grade due to this reason. After middle school, my mother and I thought and hoped that my issues with school and grades would no longer be present. But throughout high school, I consistently ditched and skipped classes, and also failed to complete around 90% of all homework assignments for all classes. As best as I can recall, there wasn 't really a good reason for this; I was simply lazy, not motivated, and generally unhappy with school, and to an extent, unhappy with myself. I failed nearly all of my classes throughout all four years at my main high school, Thomas Jefferson High School, and although each year I believed things would improve, they didn 't. During my fourth year at Thomas Jefferson, things were improving for me. I had become more confident over the summer, and I was feeling more dedicated to school. When school started, I was actually performing incredibly well, but I still had a lot of failed classes from the previous 3 years that I had to make up for. I was challenged by my counselors and the school staff to complete all of the classes I was enrolled in, as well as take the classes that I had previously failed, but at the same time, online, so that I could graduate on time and with my class. I accepted the challenge, and…

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