Middle-Range Theories In Nursing

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Nursing came a long way since it first started major changes were made in nursing to provide better quality of care to the patient and empowering nurses knowledge to further assist the patient better.
The relationship between nursing practice and theories are closely related. Nursing theories is important because it gives a framework for thought to newly encountered situations, which supplies a structure for analysis, organization and in decision making. Furthermore, by having a defined body of theory in nursing it helps provide better patient care, building up professional status for nurses, improving communication between nurses, and guidance for education and research. As the care given by nurses cannot be measured, thus, it
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Grand theory has the broadest in scope and they are most complex. Typically, a grand theory is not intended to provide guidance for the formation of precise nursing interventions, but rather provides an overall framework for structuring broad, abstract ideas (Fawcett, 1993). A middle-range theory provides a perspective from which to view complex situations and a direction for interventions (Fawcett, 1993). Micro-range theory is narrowly defined and it explains a specific phenomenon of concern to the discipline (Fawcett, …show more content…
The environment factors that this theory identifies affecting health, are: pure water, fresh air, efficient drainage, sufficient food supplies, cleanliness of the patient and environment and light. The patient might decline in health, if any of these areas is neglected.
Nursing Metaparadigm
The focus of nursing in this model is to revise the patient's environment in order to affect change in his or her health. This theory focuses mainly on manipulating the individual and families’ physical health environment from the care of the nurses which emphasizes on areas such as ventilation and warmth, noise, light, cleanliness of surroundings, bed and bedding, providing support, variations, suffice food supplies and competent drainage (George, 2011).
If any of these areas is inadequate, the patient may experience decline of health conditions. The role of a nurse is to change the environment of the patient so to allow recovery to take place by optimizing the environment condition for patient’s body to heal

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