Middle Range Theories Assist For Research Studies ( Mcewen & Wills

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Middle Range Theory
Kristine Valenzuela
Saint Xavier University
November 8, 2015

Middle Range Theory
Middle range theories assist in formulating hypothesis and stimulating a call for research studies (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Different types of middle range theories are the basis of theoretical frameworks to further investigate a multitude of circumstances. The validity and practicality of middle range theories are proven with research. Results are utilized to strengthen or encourage changes with the current nursing knowledge, consequently improving nursing care. Conceptual frameworks of these theories are easier to correlate with existing bedside practice, situations, or clinical concerns. The purpose of this paper is to relate the middle range Theory of Care by Swanson to the ethical dilemma of inadequate staffing.
Ethical Dilemma in Clinical Practice
Poor staffing ratio as a result of a shortage of nursing staff is a critical problem at this teaching hospital’s Solid Organ Transplant unit. A modified primary nursing care is the operational nursing model of this patient care area, in which nurses are the main care providers, while one nursing assistant help with performing activities of daily living (ADLs) of nineteen patients. The main service in this unit is the spectrum of transplant patients: pre, post, and history. With the lack of transplant population on certain work days, the patient care area is a house for medical surgical patients overflow that…

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