Essay on Middle Phase Practice in Social Work

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Transitions—Middle Phase Practice

Simone G. Benson
Fordham University
Spring 2015

The agency where I am interning is Partnership with Children. “Partnership” as it is called, works to strengthen the emotional, social and academic skills of at-risk children to prepare them for success--academically, socially, and in life. “Partnership’s” programs aim to bridge the gap between those who have a vested interest in working within New York City’s highest-need public schools, and those in need. “Partnership’s” goal is to transform the overall culture of many of the city’s struggling schools by helping students cope with the extreme stress of living in poverty. Helping students thrive in safe and supportive schools that encourage
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They are perhaps the professionals best equipped to address the social and psychological issues that can block academic progress. Through counseling, crisis intervention, and prevention programs, they help young people overcome the difficulties in their lives, and as a result, give them a better chance at succeeding in school” (
With a holistic approach to practice--person-in-environment--services are provided, while working towards change. There is a belief in the ability of people to control, or at least participate in, the planning of their lives if given the necessary knowledge, skills, and support. Having a caring, supportive family, and forming long-lasting connections, is critical to a child’s wellbeing. While most parents want to do what is best for their children and families, they lack the means and support to do so. Social workers aim to build upon the strengths within a family and their community to help provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment for children.
Researchers Early & GlenMaye (2000) noted, “Social workers using the strengths approach will spend little time trying to understand what caused the problem or trying to name it. Instead, the social worker will focus on identifying or uncovering

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