Essay on Middle Passage By Charles Johnson

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The novel Middle Passage by Charles Johnson is about a freed slave named Rutherford Calhoun. Rutherford is arrogant, drinks, gambles and only cares about himself. The novel starts with Rutherford fleeing New Orleans on a ship called the Republic. Rutherford flees to escape getting to married to Isadora. He leaves New Orleans in order to escape from Papa who wants his money back and to also cut ties with Isadora who blackmailed him into marrying her. However, Rutherford accidentally boards a slave ship. This journey starts to change Rutherford. His perspective on life changes and he witnesses and even experiences many more atrocities during his journey on the ship. Calhoun 's time spent on this ship was a major influence in changing him as a person. The novel is Rutherford 's Journal and is told in a first person point of view. The experiences that Rutherford had are told in a very detailed way and are specific. As a reader, I was able to follow through and experience Rutherford 's story through him.

A scene that stood out to me is the beginning of the novel when Rutherford meets the man he owes money to and is blackmailed by his girlfriend into marrying her if she pays his debt. “Well, you’re getting married tomorrow, or I’m taking back my money.” I thought the whole situation was funny and the characters seemed real. Rutherford is portrayed as a womanizer who owes money to people and only cares about himself. Isadora on the others hand is portrayed as a kind, educated,…

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