Middle Of The Night Movie Analysis

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At the beginning of the film, Pat is discharged from the hospital after a court-mandated eight-month stay. Pat exhibits problems with anger, delusional thinking, obsessive behaviors, and frequently carries out very inappropriate conversations. Although Pat has not seen his ex-wife in over eight months and she has a restraining order against him, he still believes that his marriage is fixable and will get better if he gets into shape and fixes his mood swings. Not only does Pat believe his marriage is fixable, but he still believes he and his wife are still together. This type of thinking is very delusional. Additionally, Pat exhibits an obsessive behavior by frantically searching for his wife and essentially begs his peers to contact her. Furthermore, Pat has a few hypomanic episodes where he obsesses over his ex-wife’s syllabus and reads all the material she teaches to her students and gets angry when the stories don’t have a happy ending. During one of these episodes, Pat throws a book through the window, shattering the glass, and then proceeds to exclaim his frustration to his parents in the middle of the night. Pat displays little understanding of what is and is not appropriate conversation. Until the end, he shows very little regard …show more content…
In essence, medication, therapy, books, family, and avoiding stress all did assist in his recovery. Additionally, Tiffany and dancing had an enormous impact on Pat. Tiffany helped Pat in ways many people were unable to. Tiffany was a source of trust for Pat and I think made Pat want to be a better person. Although, Pat’s obsession with reaching his ex-wife can be argued as the only reason Pat helped Tiffany, she was able to instill discipline and empathy in Pat. Over the course of his dance training, Pat became more in-tuned with himself and began to accept his disorder and work towards improvement. Pat began to do things for himself, as well as Tiffany, instead of for his

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