Essay Middle Class Has Increased With Stress And Anxiety

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The first article called “Middle Class but Feeling Economically Insecure” discusses how middle class has increased with stress and anxiety. There are many individuals whom lost their jobs and have stagnating incomes. They also worry about their security and prospects leaving them feeling vulnerable. The middle class has experienced anxiety due to the instability of incomes. Most Americans feel like they are failing to keep up with the gains between themselves and the wealthy. The article states that those who are neither rich nor poor may fall under financial pressure because they can’t measure the income of those who are wealthy. Many Americans state that the reason they are struggling is because despite the education level they’ve reached, the incomes have not increased. Today, Americans make less than what a family did fifteen years ago. It also states that by increasing inequality, it has helped undermine middle class security. Despite people who make over $250,000 a year, they will be considered middle class because there is always someone wealthier than them. This is why people are found in stressed environments because the gap between the wealthy is much bigger than it was before (Cohen 2015). The second article is called “The Nature of Poverty”. The government spends around $14,000 a year for every poor individual. Many public schools spend around $15,483 per student every year. For example, in the area of Baltimore, around 130 million dollars were used in homes…

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