Middle Childhood Development Essay

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Towards the end of early childhood development, these children still require extra practice and supervision. Their physical motor skills are not fully developed and it takes a lot of practice and time to help them develop these skills.
Middle Childhood Development
In this period of life children become more independent. They begin to pick out their own close and completely their own task. Along with the changes which they are developing, children may find it more difficult to get along with other children. This is because the children are beginning to compare themselves to others around them. They also start to form ideas of what social group they fit in with best. In early childhood, children are eager to make new friends and overly accepting of everyone, but in middle childhood they begin to recognize where they fit in at in a social environment. Throughout this period, Children with Down syndrome still require a lot of moderation. Socializing with children their age or older is very difficult for them, because their social skills develop slower than normal children. They will usually get along with children younger than them, because they will have the same maturity level as them. Children with Down syndrome are very loving and eager to meet new friends but struggle to
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According to The Young Person with Down syndrome, written by Siegfried M. Pueschel, “adolescences struggle to maintain a healthy, positive self – esteem” (p. 207). This happens because they are often discriminated against, pitied, and viewed as strange and different by those who are not born with Down syndrome. This sort of behavior impacts adolescences with Down syndrome in a negative matter because it gives them a sense of not belonging to society. These adolescences require extra care and attention to make sure they don’t view themselves in a negative

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