Essay about Middle Childhood and Adolescence

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development
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Psy - 375
July, 2, 2013
Professor Denisha White

Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development
Middle childhood development primarily entails growth previous to puberty during early school years; yet in contrast, adolescence signifies puberty as an inevitable biological change during that period. These stages of development refine the gradual transformation of psychological, physical, and social ways that enlighten any life span. This essay thoroughly will examine adolescent development and include positive and negative consequences of preliminary actions surrounding this time. An annotation will provide an extensive description of changes during middle childhood and adolescence
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Adolescents often reject their peers for reasons such as appearance, values ideas, and behavior other than their own that appear to be odd and conflicting there beliefs. Therefore, they tend to gravitate toward individuals who share similar qualities or qualities that they admire in their attempt to possess by association with that peer group. Each member serve as a reinforcing support tool that perpetuates the notion of the ideal-self or the groups self-concept, from member A to Z and recirculation within the group as such, Z to A. Normal bio physiological developments, the need of social acceptance from others and the search for themselves signal the next stage of development for middle childhood and adolescent stages. The early childhood shifts of boy and girl relationships are from playground games shift to the middle and adolescent stages of sexual interest, desire and, experimentation. This stage implicates neurological differences and developmental changes in both sexes (Kowalski & Westen, 2009). Body image is an obsession of adolescents where they tend to focus on and exaggerate perceived imperfections. Body image obsessions and the new interest in sex are intertwined. The imperfection body image focus is largely caused by media outlets, advertisements, and conditions of love and worth by caregivers in the stages of development. Sometimes traumatic

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