Middle Ages Architecture : How The Great Cathedrals Were Built Documentary

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The video on YouTube named “Middle Ages Architecture: How the great cathedrals were built-Documentary” by Science&Technology 4U states that Gothic Cathedrals have dominated the skies for over a thousand years. How did engineers in the middle ages without any modern tools constructed cathedrals? Some experts started investigating how engineers built those amazing cathedrals. Apparently, a hidden mathematical code written on the pages of The Bible was used as a blueprint. Taller than the ancient pyramids of Egypt, large enough to hold the statue of Liberty, 100 million pounds of stone, as heavy as the Empire State Building, Gothic Cathedrals are a revolution in building. Since they appeared in Europe thousands of years ago, they bring brivary to the cities, and they consumed the labor of a whole town. usually they took 100 years to build them. With just hand tools and stone, engineers of that time found a way to defy gravity. Experts use laser techniques to examine the infrastructure of the cathedrals. Bu what pushed cathedral builders to such dangerous heights? According to experts, medieval builders used secret numbers from The Bible as a blueprint.
Medieval workers are building a castle southeast of Paris. It was very hard to work with stone using traditional tools and local materials such as stone, iron, and wood. They used the same method used to construct Gothic Cathedrals. Their castle is called Get Along and it extends as large as a football field. The biggest problem…

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