Middle Age Is The Period Beyond Young Adulthood Essays

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Middle adulthood is the period beyond young adulthood but, before the onset of old age. Middle age comes with many new physical challenges, from wrinkles to hearing loss to weight gain. In middle adulthood people have many changes in their bodies and minds. I decided to observe my mom and her name is Angela Miller. I choose to do my mom because, she 's an interesting person to me. My mom she 's getting older but, she still look like she 's in her late 20 's. Her hair is just turning a little gray, and she gained a little bit of weight. One thing about her she don 't have wrinkles or anything but, I realize she has a lot of anti-aging creams. It 's not all about looks though because, I know my mom vision is not that good because, she has to wear glasses and especially at night because, she can 't see that good at night. Starting at 40, visual acuity- ability to discern fine spatial detail in both close and distance objects- begins to decline. The shape of eye 's lens changes, and its elasticity deteriorates, which makes it harder to focus images sharply onto the retina (feldman,2014). My mom had gained a lot of weight because, she was eating bad but, she ended up starting a diet and taking weight loss pills. Middle adulthood is the time when most people become increasingly aware of the changes in their bodies that mark the aging process (feldman,2014). When my mom wakes up in the morning she makes breakfast for the family then she jog around the block. She ended up losing a…

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