Middle Age Interview Questions

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Middle-Aged Interview Middle age is a very important time frame for humans ranging from thirty-five to sixty years of age; however, only recently have middle-aged people been classified. This is due to the fact that in the last century people have nearly doubled their average life expectancies, leading to a wide array of new, unknown changes that vary from person to person in the middle-aged category. This stage of life is when a person’s biological, psychological, and social framework begins to change, this was strongly supported by the observation of Mrs. Harris, who is my friend’s mother. Mrs. Harris is a fifty-two year old mom of two children, who is currently undergoing a vast amount of changes in her life. She is currently a banker, but has planned to broaden her horizon and go back to college. She is interested in becoming an educator, preferably in history or language, both of which are fields she feels passionate about. The interview was conducted over coffee …show more content…
Mrs. Harris told the author that she is currently suffering from the effects of menopause, but is nowhere near the finish line. As 75% of women, Harris is currently struggling with hot flashes, which consist of a “wave of heat rising from the women’s chest to her neck, face and arms (Ashford & LeCroy, 2013, p.546) This can occur anywhere from a couple seconds to more than a minute, and often ends in a cold shiver (Ashford &LeCroy, 2013, p.546). The author asked the interviewee if she had any other affects associated with menopause. She laughed and explained, “ I pee on myself every time I move, and I am the one who has to stop every thirty minutes on a road trip (S. Harris, personal communication, October 25,2016).” According to Ashford and LeCroy (2013), menopause is what you make of

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