Middle Age Adulthood Essay

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Middle Aged Adulthood Middle adulthood can be a trying time for any individual physically, socially and emotionally. Often times many individuals ages 40 and up, experience developmental milestones such as, children leaving home or death of a parent. Older adults are forced to answer a multitude of questions during this time such as competence, performance or overall well-being. Developmental task during middle-aged adulthood may consist of ideas in regards to altering certain lifestyles but it does not have to be a nonviable time in one’s life. In this paper, I will discuss the concepts and ideas of a middle-aged adult who has experienced meager changes in his life but continues to triumph over all the physical and emotional strains that come with middle age adulthood.
1. What is your current age and how does it differ physically and mentally from early adulthood? “I am a 42 year old male and my physical and mental abilities have changed drastically. As a 42-year-old male, I tend to experience body aches more than I did as a young male. I forget a lot which is a huge problem. I find that there is less time in the day to fulfill certain duties. So, I guess I feel a little slower then I did before. I remember that I could complete various projects at one time as a young
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What keeps you fulfilled and focused during middle adulthood? “One of the things that keeps me focused and happy is my new business. Also, trying to become successful and pushing my dreams and goals as far as they can go. I don’t want to waste my talents and I don’t want to waste all the time I spent in school trying to develop this new career without anything to show for it. I also like being a mentor for young men. I think so many times that young men need older individuals in their lives to help them and steer them in the right direction. I never had that, therefore I get great satisfaction knowing I help them to develop their dreams into reality, Especially, when their in the

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