Mid Term Essay

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Mid Term Essay
Michael J. Almasy
Criminal Justice 211-04 Police Operations
July 13, 2010
Kaplan University

The development of Law Enforcement originated with the need to protect Humans, and property. Once organized systems were put into place, August Vollmer, the first Town Marshall for Berkeley, and later the Chief of Police and Crimininalist for Berkeley California is credited as being instrumental in many facets of Law Enforcement which are still used today and have been enhanced and improved several times over the past decades. His contribution were immediately implemented and respected by many large departments in the United States. August Vollmer served as Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department, and during
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Another contribution to the Investigative area of his work is when Vollmer asked one of the students turned campus police officer, John Larson to work with him in supportive research in the technique to measure blood pressure changes in criminals. Larson who had been working on the science of Measuring Blood Pressure and galvanic skin responses, which was the prior work of William Marston, led to the creation of a device to record both blood pressure and galvanic skin responses which could be used to assists investigators in determining the truth of their suspects. This device was known as the Lie Detector with the formal name of the Polygraph. Today, the polygraph is mainly used by employers to screen potential job applicants and is usually disputed by scientist as an inaccurate scientific proof of validity.

August Vollmer has made numerous contributions to the world of modern policing and was truly a pioneer to the future of criminal investigation and a role model to follow. His extraordinary vision for the transformation of future policing should not be taken lightly. He single handily developed the way America conducts police work and investigates crime. He was instrumental in mentoring and influencing others to develop new techniques and technologies to support law enforcement agencies in solving crimes.

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