Microsoft Windows 's Overall Performance, Flexibility, And Hardware / Software Compatibility

971 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Within the community of computer users, many heated arguments over which operating system offered the greater advantage to a user, and their needs, have taken place. For an inexperienced computer system user, it is difficult to decide which operating system will provide the best value for their money. This brings me to the fact that I strongly advocate for Microsoft Windows as the operating system choice to finally solve that age-old argument. Considering Microsoft Windows 's overall performance, flexibility, and hardware/software compatibility, makes it clear that it should be the primary choice of operating system for any new, or well seasoned, computer system user. Microsoft Windows offers the user a plethora of appearance options that give a user the ability to add a their own personal touch to their Windows environment. These options enable the user to edit the appearance of even the most obscure of peripherals, such as the mouse cursor. Within the mouse cursor options, the user can change many attributes, such as: speed, color, size, and visual effect of the cursor. Further within the “Personalization Menu,” as it is called, the Windows desktop environment can be heavily modified. This allows the user to change many things, such as: background desktop image, window border color, and program icons to their personal specifications. Among the many features of customization offered by Microsoft Windows, there is the ability to freely organize a user 's data through the…

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