Microsoft Windows Failures And Its Effect On The Pc Essay

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Microsoft Windows Failures
Microsoft has undoubtedly had a major influence on the PC since its introduction of MS-DOS 1.0 in 1981. The introduction of the GUI has changed the way we use PCs since the days of MS-DOS, and it’s impossible to think about the computing world without it today. A GUI isn’t the only thing that makes an operating system, its performance, familiarity, hardware support and security all play important roles to their success or failures.
Windows 1.x
Windows 1.x was Microsoft’s first attempt at creating a GUI interface based operating system and required you to install it on top of MS-DOS 2.0 (Hollister, 2012). This first Windows OS was considered a failure’, because of promises Microsoft made that they couldn’t deliver. Microsoft promised its market an Operating system that would run on a computer that was affordable; however, it was slow and unstable unless on more expensive systems. Another reason this operating system failed is that Microsoft failed to sell the idea of a GUI based operating system to businesses. In today’s market it’s easily seen how a graphical interface can improve the productivity of employees; however; when Windows 1.0 came out employers worried about the expenses of adding hardware, such as a mouse, for their employees to be able to use the software correctly (Hollister, 2012). Businesses were also concerned over a fragmented user experience if software developers didn’t follow the required standards (Hollister, 2012).…

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