Essay about Microsoft Organizational Growth & Control Study

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Microsoft Organizational Growth & Control Study

Microsoft Organizational Growth & Control Study
Microsoft has been a highly influential and instrumental organization of change during our lifetime. At times we praise these innovations, and at times we’ve cursed it. The Government has tried to control it. Organizations have tried to imitate it. By no means has this company had an easy time. Organizational growth goes through stages, each culminating in a crisis stage which must be overcome in order to continue growth. Let’s evaluate how Microsoft met these challenges.
1. Relate Microsoft’s problems with its control and evaluation systems to each of the stages of growth in Greiner’s model.
In stage 1 of Greiner’s model of
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This is typically the case when the company is thriving. So too, the ‘crisis of control’ that accompanies this stage led to the performance management changes that caused difficulty for the Vista release, political stress, and deterioration of team dynamics (Jones, 2010, p. 330).
For stage 4 ‘growth through coordination’, Senior Leadership likely stepped in to reassume control and evaluate the situation to make appropriate corrections to get back on track. I lived in Washington State at that time and had many colleagues that worked at Microsoft. As the text states, Microsoft was very secretive about its information, but I do know that there was a significant amount of reorganization and attrition that accompanied whatever changes they made during that time. There was extensive emphasis placed on getting the following product releases out the door in timely fashion, and although there appeared to be an elevated amount of bugs in the release, timelines did improve.
2. Microsoft today is most likely in the growth through collaboration stage. How do you recommend it changes its structure, culture, and control systems to solve its problems at this stage?
At this stage in Greiner’s model ‘growth through collaboration’, Microsoft should begin to focus efforts for more coordination between levels of the organization. The product team structure that Microsoft utilizes should stay intact, but the management action with teams should be less rigid and more

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