Microsoft Office Technology: The Pros And Cons Of Google Docs

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You can access Docs severs from any of your devices that have an Internet connection. This can be very convenient.


• The internet is insecure. When you’re in the cloud, you subject to get hacked. It may seem very convenient to access your docs from anywhere—whether the library lobby or Starbucks. But actually, these are precisely the places where evil-doers can take advantage of you over WIFI and hack into your accounts. Data stored in the cloud is more insecure than data stored locally on your computer.

• Most organizations and companies do not accept Google Docs documents. Businesses generally only accept Office files (and, sometimes, Pages or Rich Text formats). This means that you will probably need Office anyway for them to be able to read the documents. Or, you will need to cut and paste your Google Docs file onto a Word file. But that’s not very convenient.

• Google Docs has interface issues. You get what you pay for. And, all things considered, Google Docs is not a bad program given its $0 pricetag. Nevertheless, its interface is rougher and less thought-out than Word or Pages. It also is more
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Microsoft word is the most commonly used word processor and has become the industry standard. Most people are familiar with this great program and like to stick with what we know best.
• New versions of Word decrease the risk of corrupt files and contain an auto recovery feature, in case of an error within other aspects of the computer.
• There is a wide variety of functions available on Microsoft Office that makes a document effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Office:

• Word 2007 and other programs such as Notepad have many different features. When being viewed in different programs, the format and content may change the document.
• Sending back and forth files results in too many copies of each file. This may be time consuming to try to organize.
• The high cost and the need for activation.
• Microsoft releases too many frequent updates that require IT department intervention.

Google docs offer a great advantage when it comes down to upgrade and back up tools— all users automatically get any feature upgrades to the software, and you won’t have to do much of anything to keep your team up and running. Upgrades are generally incremental, so as to not require much new training for your

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