Micronics Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… It sells directly into the retail, Argos industry (GAME, WH Smith) and on-line retailers such as Amazon and GameStop.co.uk. There is a team of three sales people who report into one sales manager. The sales team have the geographical remit of the UK. This sales team is assisted by three sales administration assistants, also managed by the Sales Manager, who log the sales team’s orders and send them to production. The sales administrators do not get involved with selling new products – only with providing administrative support to the Sales …show more content…
In my observation I noticed that the Sales Administrators worked very much in isolation from each other. Sales Administrator A and B were busy for about 95% of this time, but many queries are lost when at times they were not available to answer the phone and no records of missed calls were made. All of the Sales Administrators did not answer other department member’s phones because they did not deal with the particular sales person/customers who would be ringing.

Sales Administrator C was busy for 55% of his time. He said “I am fed up twiddling my thumbs waiting for Salesman C to get some orders in. I’m worried that if he is sacked for poor performance my job will go too.”

I was a bit concerned that some of the assistants are not filling in any detailed records of the order taken. They simply filled in pink slips to send to production. When asked what the co-ordination between them and production was they said “Production can tell us what is in stock – and timescales for production, but they deal with shipping and we have no visibility of when the product is shipped. This means that when we get a customer query we simply are able to tell them that their order has been processed and that they will receive a delivery note from shipping in due course. If they ask us for an estimated delivery date we can eventually find it out – but we have to physically run between production and shipping to find out the information that we

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