The Benefits Of Micro Houses

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These days’ tiny houses have been looked at these small spaced places that people live due to financial limitations (also described as small prisons). Whereas Tiny houses originally were introduced as these luxurious places that people would live in because they could spend their money on pleasures and live a "luxurious" lifestyle; rather than a small place with limited space. In addition to that, people who live in a micro-houses have a “larger life outside with a lighter conscience” (Wilkinson 2011). Expansion of micro-housing based on Financial aspects and due to this impact on living condition; furthermore, benefits of micro-housing and how history repeats itself.
According to the article “Teeny house, big lie: Why so many proponents of
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In terms of having a big house, fast car and standing out in the society rather than the old dream of living in a suburban home. However, when you plan to get a tiny house only four “feasible location” (Kilman 2016) are available. “(1) park it on your own property, (2) park it at a friend’s or in a neighbor’s backyard as a recreational vehicle (RV), (3) place the tiny house in an RV park, or (4) join a tiny house community” (Kilman 2016). Because of this micro houses tend to have a lower price at first, butafter getting a location and the “navigation of legal codes” (Kilman 2016) the final costs becomes too high. That 's why people to prefer to connect their tiny homes to trailer beds so that they can keep on moving and avoid all of this.
A micro-house is an alternative for many people due to financial issues, or some change of space for people who can afford a house and a micro-house. likewise, a micro house allows people to think about personal belonging that is closest to them, give them a chance to experience the “Old American Dream” to an extent. At the same time give them economic freedom to live their life in full luxury. Also to experience history unfolding itself again by living in the same type or sized house as people of the

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