Micro Culture In Video Games

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Video games is the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world, with a global market value of $67 billion in 2010 and a predicted value of $112 billion by 2015.1 Statistically speaking 97% of American adolescent aged 12-17 years play on the computer or console video games.2 To put it into frequency, 31% of adolescents play video games every day and another 21% play games 3-5 days a week.3 My project is to conduct a research based on a particular micro culture in the context of competitive gaming. This research is important because it gives us a better insight of the culture surrounding games that are usually viewed negatively. It will also be discussing and attempting to answer some career opportunities associated with gaming, as well as the mental benefits of gaming. The game I have chosen is Crossfire. …show more content…
He applied gaming skills towards accuracy and perception along with communication and team work. He emphasized team work and communication in relations to his military experience on the front end. According to “How Youth Preferences in Video Gaming”,effective communication is defined by teaming and collaboration as well as holding responsibility.7 He states that it isn 't about having fun because any stupid move can get himself into serious injuries unlike a video game where you get to re-spawn. Re-spawning is a definition used when a character dies and comes back to life. He expanded his speech through the use of real life stories, which really caught me off guard in a way that it felt too personal and that he would of started crying. Fortunately, this wasn 't the case. This real life story happened to one of his battle buddies where one of his legs were blown off from an explosive because of the lack of communication. He even told me that it was terrible when his buddy was screaming in pain while blood gushed straight out and enemies started firing at

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