Michele 's Attitude Towards Women Essays

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Michele takes an important step in his quest where he is able to balance both the female and male in his life. Michele, seeing that the adults aren 't around to look after their kids, assumes the role of a protector for his sister. At that pivotal moment, he transforms into a balanced human that is able to later become a responsible adult and father. First, in a society where there is a clear distinction between men and women, it practically impossible to find a person who is able to have both female and male traits well-balanced. In this community, a man is supposed to be this strong, invulnerable and impervious, while the woman is known to be weak, a caretaker, and most importantly, inferior to the man. This influence is imposed on Michele which causes a repulsion towards women in the beginning of the book. Suddenly, he finds a woman, who is strong and courageous, despite the hardships she has to go through. This woman is Barbara. Throughout this novel, Michele 's attitude towards Barbara shifts, which represents his view of women. He realizes that women don 't always fit into the stereotype that society has enforced on its inhabitants. The author then states "Skull wouldn 't cry, nor would Barbara" (Ammaniti 40) Second,There is a wall between Michele and his goal that Michele keeps trying to break down and it is his family 's influence over him. Michele 's father constantly imposes masculinity and masculine sexuality over Michele. According to Freudian dream symbols,…

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