Michel Gondry: The Craft Of Art

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Today the craft of art has emerged as a mixture between historical technique, punk culture, and the DIY. “It embraces a vibrant movement of artists, crafters, and designers working in traditional and nontraditional media.” (Levine, 2008) An artist who has embraced a new age of craft with his DIY aesthetic is Michel Gondry. Gondry is a French film director, producer and screen writer.

Gondry is known for using simplified film techniques, handmade props, hand drawn type and animations to create an original, visual story through film. The techniques he uses in his films and video clips generate child like masterpieces. Majority of his works are inspired by his childhood and in an interview he states "I dream a lot, and my dreams are very vivid and visual, so I like to use them in my work" (Gondry, 2001) which is clearly seen in a lot of his work. The people that he has worked with have also said that “You can watch him and literally see his brain ticking over, because it's such a clever thing he's trying to accomplish”. (Gondry, 2001). Two good examples of this would be his Cody ChesnuTT's King of the Game video clip (2006) and The White Stripes' Fell in Love With a Girl video clip (2001).
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Creating this video the technique that he has use is called stop motion. He has created it by drawing one line at a time and then photographing it each time so that when it was all combined it would look as if it were being drawn and moving by

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