Michael Schudson The Sociology Of News Essay

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Book Review

Michael Schudson The sociology of news

Michael Schudson takes on the hard task to combine research of sociology, politics, journalism and communications in his brief introduction of news role in society. “The sociology of news” makes a contribution to the sociological understanding of the role of news for the formation of public consciousness, judgement and comprehension. A book which pulls you in the exploration of the mainstream media, the emphasize of the importance of politics, examining the constant debate of framing and bias in the news, analysing the illusion of the power of media and throughout all showing contrasting opinions which are easily battled with the persuasive arguments of the author. Focused perhaps mainly on students engaged with the media and communications field, as the author mentions not once “You may be reading this sentence for a class in college or university” (p.135), but overall an interesting read for anybody who wants to learn a few more things about journalism and the news. The focus of the book is news that touches directly on political affairs, the part of journalism which makes the strongest claims to public importance. The book consists of eleven chapters, the first five of which are focused mainly on the history of journalism, however there Schudson also examines the media bias and how news matter. Contrasting the popular belief, an interesting point which he makes is that the power of…

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