Michael Moore 's Gun Control Essay example

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I have seen this documentary many times, but the feelings that I got watching it this time were much different. I remember seeing this documentary for the first time as a freshman in high school, often shielded from everything going on in the world. As I watched this time, I watched with a broken heart and a devastated view of the country that we live in. I watched with hope to believe that our country had indeed improved in certain ways; but I was left feeling that same void and disappointment. The way that director, Michael Moore, went about telling this story and searching for answers was magnificent, it made you think and analyze each situation. The story began with discussing how accessible guns were, which is where many of us began when we discuss gun control. In the opening scene, Moore visits a bank that has a promotion for a free gun. This to begin with is a strange idea and philosophy, why would there ever be any sort of promotion that allows easy access to a free gun? I was astonished when the bank associate stated publicly, that 500 guns were kept in the vault. This surprised me for many reasons, at the time Moore did not state that anything other than wanting to do the promotion. I cannot comprehend why one would publicly state that sort of information. Another part of that segment that made me question things was when Moore was filling out the background check and when he received the gun. To me, none of the employees in the bank seemed to be…

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