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Air Jordan Shoes

The Nike Air Jordan Shoe line launched in 1985 and forever changed the course of athletic footwear. Focused primarily at first in basketball shoes, Nikes new golden child not only changed the design and comfort of the basketball shoes, but also the general dynamic and look of basketball shoes. Before the AIR JORDAN, all basketball shoes were white. This simple statement only begins to describe the sheer magnitude of the changes that were about to occur to the sport of basketball and to the athletic footwear industry once Michael Jordan entered the league. (Retrieved on 8-25-14 from: http://sneakernews.com/air-jordan-brand-jordan).
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The Air Jordan shoe line has created a pop culture of it’s own and a cult like following of the shoes. Staying in tune with each generation since Jordan’s playing days and rereleasing shoes from his playing days, have allowed the brand to create a cultural diversity and more importantly an understanding of their consumers.
The Rerelease The main way that the Jordan shoe line stays in touch with both generations young and old is by creating a major buzz for the rerelease of shoes from Jordan’s illustrious playing career. Each year, Air Jordan’s will be rereleased will eager anticipation, because of the hype built upon social media, media coverage and industry competitors awaiting to see what the team at Jordan have come up with to recreate the shoes. One could also assume that based on the success of certain Jordan sneakers, a revamped and rerealesed edition of the sneaker might create an extra buzz and excitement about the shoe. By knowing what the consumers have purchased in the past and seeing the pattern created by the various groups amongst Air Jordan sneaker collectors, the company has done an excellent job of knowing their consumer and the patterns/wants they have.
Wants vs. Needs Nike and Air Jordan have teamed up in a perfect pairing, because not only do consumers love and respect the Nike brand, they flock to it and place it on a pedestal in the retails/athletic merchandise industry. The advertising team for the Air Jordan sneaker line

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